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Vertical dosing


Vertical dosing


We offer customized types of vertical packaging machines and dosing systems suitable for all types of production requirements. These machines are particularly suitable for bulk, small, pouring hard, powder and liquid products.

We provide filling systems for many different types of products including, among others, powders, creams and liquids. Due to the different physical properties of these products (different granular sizes or different density based on composition), each one of them needs a special machine, customized specifically for its characteristics. We also consider other variables such as the size of the container and the speed of the production.


Upon request, all units can have different capacity range and different features (hopper, heated hopper, nozzles, product feeding pumps etc) according to the characteristics of the product.

  • Higher production speeds
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Versatility

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Dosing units suitable for volumetric, pneumatic and electronic filling

   Capping units appropriate for each type of             closure. Screw caps, snaps or twist off.

Our solutions are suitable for liquids, powders, aggressive products, creams & similar.

Wide range of applications including chemical, construction, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Do you offer filling machines for small productions?

Be it small, medium or big industry, the importance and value of a project are exactly the same for our team, without any kind of distinction. Table top options are available for smaller projects.

Do you have filling machines in stock?

No we do not. We propose tailored solutions based on each single project

Why choose your systems?

The quality of all raw materials and components used in the production processes of our machines are tested guaranteed and made in Italy. Our solutions are designed and built to offer the end user maximum reliability and simplicity of use. In addition, we are able to combine high quality at a very competitive prices.

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