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Vacuum pouches


Vacuum pouches


Vacuum pouches provide a versatile packaging method for a wide variety of products – both food and non-food. We offer medium or high barrier vacuum pouches suited for a wide range of applications, which include fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish, sea-shells, dry nuts, olives and others. Suitable for vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere, these pouches provide extended shelf-life and protection for storage and transportation of your product.


A shrink bag works like a regular vacuum pouch, with the difference that after extracting all the air from the bag, we dip the entire packaging in warm water to shrink it onto the product. Shrink bags make an attractive packaging which molds the product, primarily used on products with irregular shapes like, for example, ham or poultry. By reducing contact with air, we stop oxidation and the growth of bacteria or mold. By conserving all of the product’s humidity, we maintain its full weight, as well as its full monetary value.


  • Studies have shown that vacuum packaging can increase shelf-life from 50% – 400% depending of the application
  • Vacuum packaging is an affordable packaging solution the enables products to be shelf ready with the application of a custom printed sticke
  • With the proper seal, vacuum packaging can protect products from dust, moisture, insects, and a variety of other external elements that may harm or damage products. Vacuum packaging is also an excellent barrier of protection against freezer burn during long term freezer storage

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We pay special attention to research and experimentation of innovative materials that can meet the most sophisticated storage and sous-vide cooking needs.

We ensure excellent performance in terms of high quality in the films used, perfect sealing and long food shelf life.

We have several lines and therefore we can fully satisfy every request, both in providing neutral vacuum packing bags and those customised by colour, size, and print.

The most efficient solution for packing of food products. Available in many different sizes, and varying thicknesses starting from 40mm up to 120mm.

What is vacuum sealing?

Vacuum sealing is a system of packing that removes air from the inside of the vacuum bag prior to sealing. The purpose of vacuum packing is to remove oxygen from around the food to extend the shelf-life of the product, and to reduce the volume of contents to the package.

How is food’s shelf-life extended with vacuum packaging?

Removing the air that surrounds food inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and yeast, because these and other spoilage micro-organisms need oxygen to grow. Once moist air is removed and the pouch is sealed, oxygen levels continue to drop while carbon dioxide levels increase. The low oxygen, high carbon dioxide
environment significantly reduces the growth of normal spoilage organisms, allowing longer shelf life.

What kinds of products is vacuum packaging technology applied to?

Vacuum packaging is applied to various products in various industries, including food and non-food products.
• Fresh & frozen meat vacuum packaging
• Processed meat products vacuum packaging
• Aquatic & seafood vacuum packaging
• Bakery, rice, bean products
• Electrics, hardware
• Chemistry products

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