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Vacuum Machines


Vacuum Machines


Vacuum packaging extends shelf-life, ensures quality, improves hygienic handling, prevents products from drying out and protects them from outside influences. Vacuum packing is a very cost effective procedure for preserving perishable food products. Very low packing material costs, short process times and a relatively low investment for long-lasting equipment makes vacuum packing the most economical and efficient way of packaging perishable food products by far.  In addition, vacuum packaging is ideal for the protection of goods and for saving space in storage. We offer a full range of industrial and non industrial, heavy and light duty use, manual or automatic vacuum machines that are reliable, durable and easy to clean and maintain. The removable silicon bars and the user friendly control unit make our machines the ideal solution for your packaging needs.


  • Vacuum sealing greatly extends the lifespan of many different kinds of food
  • Enhanced protection from external sources
  • Wide range of industrial and non industrial vacuum machines to choose from

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Complete series of vacuum packaging machines for the food and non-food packaging of products with all shapes and dimensions.

  Double display, Smart vacuum sensor,                    Automatic date stamp, Gas flush for Modified      Atmosphere Packaging, Special pre-set                  programs for food products.

Professional packaging machines, characterised by an elevated quality and high care of structural details.

Vacuum packaging prevents crosscontamination, improves food safety, protection from dehydration, freezer burn and mold.

Why need vacuum packaging?

The main enemies of food quality are oxygen contained in the air and micro-organisms. Vacuum packaging that arrives at an almost complete extraction of air allows extending the shelf life t and maintains all of its quality intact up to the moment of consumption.

What is MAP (Modified atmosphere packaging)?

Modified atmosphere is the practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package (commonly food packages, drugs, etc.) in order to improve the shelf life. The need for this technology for food arises from the short shelf life of food products such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy in the presence of oxygen. In food, oxygen is readily available for lipid oxidation reactions. Oxygen also helps maintain high respiration rates of fresh produce, which contribute to shortened shelf life. Therefore, the reduction of oxygen and its replacement with other gases can reduce or delay oxidation reactions and microbiological spoilage. Oxygen scavengers may also be used to reduce browning due to lipid oxidation by halting the auto-oxidative chemical process. Besides, MAP changes the gaseous atmosphere by incorporating different compositions of gases.

How does vacuum machines work?

The basic working parts of a vacuum packing machine are a hermetically sealed chamber from which all air is removed, a pump which uses rotating blades to remove the air and thermal strips which are used to seal a vacuum pouch within the machine.

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