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Tray sealing machines


Tray sealing machines


Whether you are a food processing facility, a grocery store with specialty foods, a personal chef, or a restaurant, our tray sealing packaging machines for sealing CPET, APET or PP food trays will certainly make your job much easier. The highly technological investment and attention to each phase of the production, make our tray sealer machines reliable and efficient, all while giving you the professional look that you’ve always wanted.


The experience we gained over the years in the food packaging sector has allowed us to develop the know-how and maintain high-quality standards while paying particular attention to our customers’ needs.  Whether you are looking for MAP packaging (process specifically designed to improve the storage of products and extend their shelf-life), SKIN packaging, semi-automatic or automatic thermosealing machines, we are ready to support you.


  • Extended product shelf-life using MAP techniques within the tray sealing process
  • Improved product presentation
  • Greater product protection

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Traysealers designed for particularly simple operation and reliable packaging procedures.

Ideal solution for an inexpensive and professional vacuum packaging with trays and combine ease of use with reliability. Their easy-to-clean Hygienic Design supports the high demands of food production.

Our thermo-sealing machines are designed to pack any type of tray in vacuum or modified atmosphere. Our machines are characterized by their simplicity of use and speed in packaging. Equipped with digital panels with pre-set programs, they achieve a vacuum level up to 99.99% and are equipped with a gas flush system to inject inert gas up to 100% and pack in modified atmosphere.

The packaging process starts by manually closing the lid of the tray sealer. Vacuum, gas flushing, sealing and cutting take place automatically according to the packaging parameters that were selected.

What are tray-sealers?

Also referred to as tray lidding machines, heat sealers, or top sealers; tray sealers are machines that apply plastic film lids to trays of varying materials, sizes, and depths. It is because of this versatility that top seal is the optimal packaging solution for a variety of applications, including industrial fasteners, fresh produce, meat, frozen meals, and ready-made meals.

What are the main types of tray-sealing machines?

There are two main types of tray-sealing machines. First are the semi-automatic tray sealers that are most suitable for small and medium-sized operations. These machines work manually by the operator. However, just because they are semi-automatic, it doesn’t mean they are not fast. Typically they can seal up to 40-50 packs per minute. Fully automatic tray sealers are most suitable for medium and large-scale operations. What makes them fully automatic are the conveyors that push the trays through the machine, lessoning the need for manual intervention. Typically these machines can seal up to 200packs per minute.

What are the different of tray seal films?

There are a lot of different seal films in the market, each one with a different composition and use. Most commonly tray seal films are categorized into:
• Peelable – Film that can be removed once with minimal effort
• Resealable – Film that can be opened and resealed by the consumer multiple times
• MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) – Film that has micro-perforations to control oxygen flow in and out of the package. This helps to extend the shelf life of perishable items.

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