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Thermoforming is a process of heating a thermoplastic sheet to its softening point. The sheet is stretched across a single-sided mold. It can then be manipulated and cool into the desired shape. 


Thermoforming has innumerable applications and can be used by several different industries such as the meat industry, delicatessen as well as different types of cheese – the most common application being the Halloumi cheese.


Having worked with the biggest cheese and meat suppliers on the island, Megapack ltd has the expertise to design fully tailored made Thermoforming machines to meet every demand. Our field based staff can provide in-depth training to the operators.


Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We have the network to ensure prompt response to our customers’ queries and to promptly attend each demand. We proud ourselves for providing fast technical support.


  • Our knowledge and experience in this specialized area, allows us to design tailored-made machines that are suitable to your needs, in a cost effective and efficient manner
  • High production output and packaging quality
  • Secured product quality while minimizing operating costs and use of resources

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We adapt to the needs of your company, making exclusive machine prototypes, that correspond to your needs in time and place.

The materials used for the manufacture of all our machines are of the highest quality, subjecting our machines to test and control analysis before delivery.

With the thermoformers you can pack any product, whether it is food or not. Our machines are specifically designed according to your needs, fully adapting the packaging process to your products.

The types of products you can pack range from solid and liquid to frozen. All our machines are made of stainless steeland we can adapt it to the space you have to install it. Whatever your project, do not hesitate to contact us; our team of experts will advise you on everything you need.

Do I need a thermoforming machine for my business?

Our plastic thermoformers adapt to all kinds of production needs , both medium and high. They work with different materials, flexible, rigid, retractable … And it works with different packaging systems: vacuum, gas and skin, among others. If you are looking for thermoformers for sale you are in luck, at Megapack we offer thermoforming machines according to your needs.

What is the common use of a thermoforming machine?

Many uses are available for thermoforming. One of the more common is packaging, particularly rigid packaging for food and consumer goods, but it has many other applications. Because sheets of varying thickness can be used, this technique is equally applicable to creating toys as it is to building permanent surfaces on automobiles.

What are the main advantages of using a thermoforming machine?

Thermoforming has a number of advantages. One of its main draws is that it is very adaptable to a customer’s needs. With a fast turnaround time, it can be used for last-minute shipments or as a quick way to speed up the production. It is also a relatively low-cost means of production: the materials are optimized for cost effectiveness and can lead to lower total costs. Finally, the results can be very aesthetically pleasing. Colored and paintable plastics are available, allowing for a wide range of customization to meet customer needs.

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