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Thermoforming, skin & lidding films

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Thermoforming, skin & lidding films


We offer some of the most advanced thermoforming, skin and lidding films for meat, cheese and other packaging applications. Our dedicated field base team is ready to respond with innovative solutions and to work collaboratively with your team, whether you need a new design, an improved product, or seek to reduce production costs. Our range of films offers innovative proprietary and advanced technology, ensuring your product maintains shelf-life and superior presentation.


  • High oxygen and moisture barrier properties that provide safer and longer shelf-life
  • Excellent forming ability improving presentation and efficiency
  • Customized opening characteristics
  • Anti-fog options
  • Various grades of material including a full range of thicknesses and many more

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Thermoforming films, produced with the latest extrusion technology, combine increased toughness, with high performance formability and excellent presentation.

Skin films with excellent formability and superior optics, ensuring unparalleled presentation for your product. They are fully compatible with the whole range of skin packaging equipment, providing maximum shelf life and offering solutions for every food sector.

Maintaining all characteristics of classical lidding films, we maximize your product’s added value through a tight and really glossy appearance on the retail shelf. Our unique technology allows for a controlled tension shrinkability, making your package unique for retail.

Innovative solutions that help processors, retailers, and brand owners protect food quality and safety, increase efficiency, and enhance sustainability.

What is a lidding film?

Lidding film is used in combination with bottom film to pack products on thermoforming machines or for sealing on plastic trays on tray sealing machines. We offer lidding films in wide range of thicknesses and different properties which, due to highest print quality and film transparency, ensure good product presentation. Film barrier properties extend shelf life of the product.

What is skin packaging?

Skin pack, or skin packaging, is a type of carded packaging where a product is placed on a piece of paperboard or in trays, and a thin sheet of transparent plastic is placed over the product and paperboard or trays. The printed paperboard/tray usually has a heat-seal coating. The plastic film (LDPE, PVC, ionomer, etc.) is softened by heat and draped over the product on the card/tray. Vacuum is sometimes used to assist a firm fit. The film bonds to the heat-seal coating on the paperboard. The skin-packed piece then may need to be cut into individual units.

What is the basic function of a thermoforming machine?

The basic function of a thermoforming packaging machine is that the bottom film is heated and shaped by the forming tool. The shaped film pocket is transported to the loading zone of the machine where the product is loaded into the cell pocket. The filled film cell is transported to the sealing station, where vacuum and/or a modified atmosphere is applied and the pack is sealed with a top film. The package is then transported further and cut to size, after which it eventually leaves the machine.

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