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Stretch Film


Stretch Film


Stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film commonly made from Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. Stretch film is commonly used to wrap products on pallets and secure them during transportation. This often helps to reduce products loss, discourage load tampering, and reduce worker injury. Since its introduction in the early 70’s, stretch film has become the most important method of unitizing product loads for transport. We offer various types of Stretch films (hand & machine rolls), in different sizes and thicknesses depending of the application.


  • Stretch film applies uniform and high holding force to the load
  • Protection from dust and damage versus other unitizing methods
  • Tamper resistance and resistance to package pilferage
  • Efficient handling and storage

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Megapack offers a complete range of quality stretch films, designed to meet all kinds of applications and requirements.

   Our films are engineered to minimize the               packaging costs while retaining a secure, high       quality wrapping.

With state-of-the-art equipment to measure Film Performance, we can now evaluate and control a wide range of film attributes, under variable operating conditions, simulating different application parameters.

Our experts will visit your site, analyze your existing setups, take note of your objectives and calculate your current expenditure. In addition, we assess factors such as tension levels and number of pallet rotations on machines as well as the thickness, length, and stretch capabilities of products you are currently using.

Why use pre-stretch films?

By stretching the film, the tensile strength of the film increase so that is becomes drastically stronger. This process improves the load stability, reduces waste and saves on stretch packaging.

What are the different types of application?

Machine stretch films : designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine, they provide many advantages including faster and more efficient wrapping, reduced packaging cost, safer application and more secure loads.

Hand Stretch films : They are used for manual stretch wrap packaging applications. As a result, hand film rolls are lighter and smaller than machine rolls to make the application process easier. Hand stretch film is commonly used by companies who wrap small volumes of products.

What is the difference between standard and power films?

Megapack offers a wide portfolio of quality stretch films which cover several demanding application across different industries. Power films, are designed for semi and fully automatic pallet wrapping machines with elongation capability of over 300%. Our LLDPE power films provide : cost-effectiveness and consumption optimization, high stiffness, extreme durability, outstanding holding force, increased stability and optical clarity.

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