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Strapping machines


Strapping machines


Strapping machines are used to hold loads firmly together and are designed to apply strap in tension. They ensure uniform strap placement and load integrity for a variety of production applications. They are designed to strap varied sizes or types of package with different configurations. In terms of features, strapping machines can be used as stand-alone unit or can be integrated in packaging lines to enable complete automation. Automatic strapping machines can perform multiple functions depending on the strap quality (PP, PET, Steel) and on different applications.


They are especially suitable for customers who need to secure goods on a pallet and to bundle items together for a safer and faster transportation. With a wide range of models for automatic strapping,  Megapack ltd offers expert suggestions for the most suitable model for each product.


  • Mainly suitable for customers who need to secure goods and to bundle items together for a safe transportation
  • Thanks to the varied models offered, it is possible to cover different field of applications such as bricks & blocks, timber, metals, construction and others
  • Battery, pneumatic and manual strapping machines available depending on the field of application, on the tension level and on the working cycles required

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Battery strapping tools with adjustable functioning mode according to the application.

   Semi-auto strapping machines for economical     manual operations. For low to medium volume     strapping applications these machines are             ideal.

Fully automatic machines available to cover different market demands and grow your business.

Strapping systems that cover a wide range of applications for most industries in the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solution. From plastic strap to steel strap, we can offer you the right solution.

What is the GT series strapping tool that you offer?

The GT-Series is the battery-operated strapping tool range by SIAT for plastic straps that gives you the best solution for each industry application: light or heavy-duty. GT-ONE is the perfect all-rounder tool of the range for automatic strapping. It has been designed for all medium duty applications such as in logistics, corrugated and paper industries.

When buying a semi automatic strapping machine, how do I determine the correct arch size?

First of all we must determine the minimum and maximum package size requirements. For the maximum package size, the arch will need at least two inches of space at the top and two at the sides to seal properly

Where is strapping packaging most commonly used?

Strapping is one of the most commonly used means of utilization and bundling in the packaging industry. Although there are multiple types of strapping application, it is especially used in environments such as : bundling items together for transport and handling (newspapers, lumber, concrete block, etc), attaching items to pallets and crates, securing units of loads (glass,metal parts, steel, etc), holding bales of agricultural products, and so on.

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