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Shrink machines


Shrink machines


For decades, our customers have chosen Megapack LTD as their shrink wrap machine supplier. Representing the most advanced and reliable Italian manufacturer, Megapack ltd offers its customers a comprehensive range of shrink wrapping film and machine options and provides innovative solutions to meet every need. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide the most suitable machines to meet the demands of every market.  Whether you’re in the food industry (bakery, fruit and vegetable, dairy products…), or the non food industry (electronic products, laundry, toys, detergents, perfumes, repacking…), we can provide a complete range of models to suit every need.


  • Compared with traditional corrugated products and packaging techniques, shrink machines require up to 75% less material
  • Is highly effective in guarding against environmental damage
  • Prolongs the life of products that would otherwise spoil quickly such as perishable foods

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L-Seal hood packers, semi-automatic and automatic L-Sealers, continuous automatc side sealers, shrink tunnels & conveyors, semi-automatic and automatic shrink wrappers with sealing bar , automatic overlap shrink wrappers, automatic wrap-around case packers, automatic handle applicators and other options available.

Wide range of applications, including the food and non-food industries.

Innovative solutions capable of fully meeting your demands in terms of efficiency, reliability, flexibility and energy saving.

Continuous investments in Research and Development, state-of-the-art technology, use of top-reliability components, flexibility and excellent quality/price ratio.

Which model is most suitable for my business?

Shrink wrapping systems vary widely in the packaging speed and knowing your production volumes and wrapping output needs will allow us to propose the right systems. For example some shrink wrappers pack several products an hour while others pack 35 products per minute and more. Once volume levels are determined, degree of automation can be considered as well, choices are: manual shrink wrappers, semi-automatic shrink wrappers or fully automatic shrink wrapper systems. Get in touch with us, to discuss your requirements

What is the main benefit of shrink wrapping my products?

Shrink wrap material provides for moisture resistance, scratch protection and helps protect your items from dirt and dust. It also ensures that you have a strong protective wrap on your items.

Can I see the machine in operation?

Of course. We keep in stock various models of shrink machines (from manual to fully automatic). Upon request we can demonstrate the machines in our show-room.

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