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Shrink film


Shrink film


Shrink film is a packaging material made of polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over the product it is covering. Shrink wrap and shrink film are very versatile materials and can be used in a large variety of packaging applications. Some common uses of shrink wrap include  wrapping food, gift baskets, boxes, toys, books, canned bottles, etc. There are many reasons you may want to utilize shrink film for your product packaging. Along with being lightweight and durable, it keeps your products safe from outside elements, increases shelf life, provides tamper-proofing and makes your product shine. Depending on the application, we can offer shrink wraps in different compositions and in a variety of thicknesses that are durable and puncture resistant.


  • Shrink wrapping fully protects enclosed items from harmful factors such as dirt, moisture and other damages
  • Shrink wrap packaging is very affordable compared to other packaging options
  • Durable, lightweight and versatile type of packaging

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The optimized pre-perforation of our rolls allows for a controlled escape of air during the shrink stage and makes the set-up easier. No more need for perforations on the shrink wrapper.

The high performance technical properties allow our films to work on a wide range of manual to automatic packaging machines.

The high degree of shrinkage at low temperatures, high shrinkability, superior optics and outstanding machinability are what make our products to be leading films in the display packaging market.

Breathable, anti-fog, shrink/stretch film. It is suitable for packaging fresh products such as:  poultry, red meat, and fresh fish. BSF seals to prevent liquid leakage and contamination risks. Its high impact resistance reduces damage and product loss and its anti-fog properties guarantee an attractive shelf presentation.

Polyolefin films, cross-linked polyolefin films, polyethylene films and PVC shrink films available in custom sizes.

Can I wrap food products in shrink film?

Yes you can. Our films have both USDA and FDA certifications. All of our polyolefin films are freezer appropriate and some films include anti-fog capabilities which pulls the moisture away so it doesn’t fog the film and you can see the product. This is ideally used for vegetables and other products with a high moisture content.

How many meters are on a roll of shrink film?

The amount of film on a roll of shrink is dependent upon the gauge of film you are using. All films are wound to the same outer diameter. Single wound films are longer in length while center-folded films have half the footage but the same amount of film because it is folded to make it easier to use on most equipment.

What are some common uses of polyolefin shrink film?

Polyolefin shrink film is used for almost every kind of application. Applications include toys, sporting goods, printed wrap, foods, stationery, and cards, just to name a few.

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