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Sealing machines



Sealing machines


Sealing machines can close and seal an individual package or provide a long continuous horizontal or vertical seal. There are many different types of sealers. Some sealing machines transport the plastic film horizontally, while others transport it vertically. Seal-only equipment, wraps or secures products but does not form packages or fill them. Manual sealing machines aid only in the setting or holding of products, while semi-automatic sealers help with both packaging and placement, allowing a single operator to perform several activities with greater speed and accuracy. Fully automatic sealing equipment requires limited operator intervention. Typically, operators need only to replenish packaging components.


Megapack Ltd offers a large number of sealers to choose from ranging from manual sealing machines to automatic, in pneumatic, electric or stainless steel version, portable or placed on a table. Our expertise personnel can help identify the ideal sealing machine for any project.


  • Lightweight, durable and affordable alternative to other expensive packaging solutions
  • In addition to food processing plants, cosmetics firms, electrical companies and various other industried have used our machines for year
  • The maintenance associated with sealing machines is simple and cost-effective compared to other alternatives

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Simple to use & maintain.

Cost-effective in comparison with other packing machines.

Sealing machines for horizontal, vertical & horizontal, floor-type multi-purpose and other options available.

Suitable for dry goods and liquids.

What material can I seal with a hand-sealer machine?

Different models suit different materials. But most common models can seal polyethylene, polypropylene, kraft paper, FEP, PET, OPP, HDPE, LLDPE, laminated films and other.

How does impulse sealers work?

An impulse heat sealer works by using a temperature spike applied for varying lengths of time. This is then followed by a cooling period where the jaws stay closed. As the material is cooling down the plastic will be allowed to set, thus creating an optimal seal.

What size of heat sealer will I need?

We recommend that you chose a heat sealer that is between 20mm & 50mm wider than the width of the packaging you want to seal.

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