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Protective Packaging


Simply stated, protective packaging supplies are materials built to protect and buffer a product from potential harm or destruction during shipping or warehousing. Technically speaking, protective packaging may be made from any material including but not limited to cardboard, plastic, metal, and etc.


Protective packaging is often used as the main component of a product’s packaging or as a secondary form of packaging supply depending upon the product contained within. It is useful for various applications, however, all forms of protective packaging are created for the same purpose: ensuring that a product arrives in pristine condition without damage or related problems. Damage to the product during transport leads not only to economic losses due to the loss of the product but also to a bad image in the eyes of the final consumer.


Using protective packaging solutions is today one of the most important ways to ensure that goods arrive at their destination intact. Through packaging research, transport simulation or product study, it is possible to establish the most suitable protective packaging materials for each product and thus secure the goods.


  • Damage Reduction
  • Up to 90% air loss reduction, compared to other competitive materials
  • Enhanced customer experience

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Protective packaging solutions to serve your needs

Protective packaging can be used either as a primary packaging or secondary packaging material depending upon the products’ end-use application.

Wide array of protective packaging, including air pillows, packing paper, foam, bubble bags, and more.

We partner with customers to eliminate waste, automate and do more with less.

What type of protection do I need for my products?

To determine the type of protection needed we first have to assess your product’s characteristics. Is the item fragile? Does it need to be refrigerated? Are electronics involved? How will it be handled? The type of your product and shipping method often dictates the structure of the package and protective material needed.

What materials are most commonly used?

Picking the right material is often a tedious job if you are not aware of their properties. Bubble wrap, air pillows, corrosion inhibitors, foam-in-place, clamshells, inflatable void fills, industrial papers and kraft paper are all examples of protective packaging materials that can be used individually or in combination.

Is protective packaging important for my business?

Protective packaging offers several benefits for your business. Not only will your products be transported safely, but your reputation will increase as well. In addition your loss from damaged good will be minimized and customers will see that your business takes care to ensure that all products are intact and shipped in the best shape.

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