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Laminated Films


Laminated Films


We offer a range of tailor-made printed or unprinted films, laminated and barrier films. These include two-layer, three-layer & multi-layer films, which can be customized to provide the required barrier protection. We can offer you printed films with solvent or solvent-free adhesives, depending on your requirements. Our laminates include Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP, BOPP), Polyester (PET, metalized PET), Polyamides (BOPA), Foils (Aluminium), and Nylon (NY), or any number of combinations of these individual films, maintaining the quality and integrity of your product, whilst enhancing your brand image with the highest quality packaging.


  • The strength and flexibility of laminate films makes them ideal for the packaging of frozen foods, drink sachets , snacks and many other applications
  • The high quality printing capabilities make the final product appear much more attractive whereas the barrier properties extend shelf life.
  • Shield the contents from external deteriorating agents such as light, moisture and gas while retaining the qualities of content including freshness and aroma

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Lamination of two or more layers, for all combinations of materials in a flexible package.

   Our primary objective is to ensure the quality of     the products produced and the diffusion of this     philosophy throughout our range of activities.

Our commitment is to adhere to the regulations of European legislation and to fully implement the Quality and Safety Management Systems.

Specialization in flexographic printing, laminating, roll-cutting, and bag-making of flexible packaging materials.

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is a form of packaging that has no rigid structure of its own (such as hard plastics), but actually conforms – and follows the contours of – the product that is enclosed in it (and is protected by it). Examples of flexible packaging include liners, pouches, seals, sample packets and bags.

In what applications would laminating be ideal?

Basically all applications where the product needs to be protected and its shelf life extended. This applies to a huge variety of food products for human and animal consumption, but applications are almost as common for non-food products, which can require functional and highly technical film structures.

How the laminating process contributes to the quality of flexible packaging materials?

Lamination is used to improve the barrier properties of the packaging material in order to protect the packaged item and increase its shelf life. Typically flexible packaging laminates have three main functions: mechanical properties that improve the strength of the material. The barrier properties that protect from outside deteriorating agents (i.e. light, moisture, gas, oxygen, etc.) and also prevent loss of the product qualities such as freshness and aroma in the case of food; and finally, the substrate sealability that hermetically closes the flexible packaging.

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