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BOPP films


BOPP films


BOPP is a low-density, high-performance film, with excellent mechanical, optical and barrier properties. It is the most efficient and competitive solution for many flexible packaging applications. The bi-axially oriented polypropylene film is highly transparent and is often processed in the vertical and horizontal flow pack machines. Its qualities make polypropylene film especially suitable for packaging of all types of sweets and pastry, dried fruits, nuts and vegetables, certain types of spices and hygiene products (tissues, napkins, soap). We offer a complete catalogue of films that cover a wide variety of applications. We also work together with our clients in the adaptation of tailor made solutions to specific applications.


  • Polypropylene film (PP) is characterized by its good barrier properties, heat resistance and stability
  • High tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Especially suitable for bakery and confectionary products, vegetables and other perishable foods, pharmaceutical and hygiene products

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Among all other commonly used plastic films, BOPP films provides excellent moisture barrier & its metallized variant provides better oxygen barrier to product.

  BOPP film has a relatively low carbon footprint      as compared to other plastic films substrate          such as polyester. After cellulose film, BOPP          Film is the second most preferred substrate for    its ecofriendly nature in flexible food packaging.

Apart from barrier properties, BOPP film provides consistent and excellent seal integrity because of narrow gauge spread.

Bopp film is available commercially in a range of widths, thicknesses and properties depending upon the end use requirements.

What are the benefits of using BOPP films for packaging?

BOPP films offer a lot of benefits in the packaging industry. These include the fact that it gives excellent moisture resistance, it resists attack by the majority of acids,bases,salts,oils, it is not chlorinated, it is recyclable and cost-effective.

What is biaxially oriented polypropylene film?

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP/OPP) film is produced when a polypropylene is stretched in both machine and transverse directions directly following extrusion. There are two methods of production, bubble and tenter.

Why are the barriers of the film so important?

The films barrier properties are vitally important as it is necessary to match the needs of your product to the most appropriate packaging film. This will ensure your product is kept in the best possible condition when packaged which will extend shelf life, reducing food waste and carbon emissions.

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