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Pasta, Ravioli, Crepe Machines

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Pasta, Ravioli, Crepe Machines


For over 15 years, we represent a variety of Italian manufacturers, well known all over the world for producing some of the most advanced and reliable pasta, ravioli and crepe machines. We offer a wide range of pasta/ravioli machines to cover large or small productions, fresh or frozen pasta, double-sheet or single-sheet ravioli, in different shapes and sizes. Upon request, these machines can be used as part of a continuous production line. The machines are made of stainless steel with reduced maintenance requirements and are washable with steam jets or pressured water.


Our machines are equipped with safety technology as well as adjusting devices to control the filling amount. They also provide the option for automatic continuous operation to minimize the product waste while also optimizing the labor cost.


  • Reduction of labor and product waste
  • Easy and fast cleaning sessions
  • Industrial-grade performance, with semi-automatic or automatic operation

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Fresh pasta and heat treatment machines

   Semi-automatic and fully automatic lines               available

Professional equipments that can make full use of your skills and the quality of your ingredients

All equipments for the pasta are chosen and proposed to our clients to provide them the best quality price ratio.

How can I decide which machine is suitable for my business?

Prior to purchase, our sales team will give you directions and suggestions for the correct purchase of products that will suit your specific needs.

What is the delivery time for these machines?

For the machines that are out of stock, usually between 3-4 weeks depending on the machine. However, the customer will always be informed about the timing.

Do you provide technical support for the pasta machines?

Absolutely. Our team of technicians are at your disposal whenever you need them. In addition, essential spare parts are available to reduce downtime.

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