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Pallet Wrap Machines


Pallet Wrap


Stretch wrapping machines are designed to wrap palletized loads with stretch film. They apply the stretch film to the load using the parameters set by the operator. Wrapping parameters can be set on the stretch wrapper to determine the amount and location of the stretch film in order to ensure that the load is wrapped in exactly the same way each time. Semi-automatic wrapping machines provide great cost effectiveness, high operating speed and greater employee safety in comparison to manual wrapping.


In addition, pallet wrap machines provide consistency in application, professional package, load integrity, damage control, film savings, quality control and customer satisfaction.

  • Mainly suitable for customers who need to wrap palletized goods, to achieve high rate of productivity and uniform packages of good looking
  • Thanks to the varied models offered, it is possible to cover different field of applications such as logistics & warehouses, food & beverage industries, metal industries and many more
  • Film savings, increased production and optimized palletizing

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Our machines can be equipped with mechanical and electromagnetic brake (EM / M / FM) or mechanical and powered pre-stretch carriages (SM – 90% / LP – 240%).

Sleek and modern control panel.

Adjustable parameters including speed, number of loops, film tension, overwrap, top sheet cover and others.

Depending on the application, you can choose the best solution in our range of turntables and mobile wrappers.

How many loads a day would justify buying a new pallet-wrap machine?

An operation packaging as few as 10 loads per day can justify the purchase of a stretch wrapper. Hand wrapping is a tedious, time-consuming and an expensive way of wrapping loads. A pallet wrap machine provides consistent output, professional package, and reduces significantly your packaging cost.

Can I see the machine in operation?

Of course. We always have in-stock several models of pallet wrap machines. Upon request we can demonstrate the pallet-wrap machines in our show-room.

What is pre-stretch film and why is it so important?

There are many benefits to using pre-stretched film. Basically, users get the same (or better) load stability with less product, less physical energy, and greater control.

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