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Grip Sheet


Grip Sheet


Grip Sheet is a separator sheet made out of specially processed paper and is applied between layers of goods that prevent them from slippering. Anti-friction gliss coating increases the coefficient of friction for our non-slip paper called Grip Sheets. With the benefits of this unique coating, the Grip Sheet can increase the stability of your products on the pallet, preventing major slides when a sudden turn is required in transit. The unique nature of the Grip Sheet allows for it to be used again and again without fear of wear, tear, or water damage and its slim nature allows greater bulk with less volume and more durability. Our Grip Sheets are made from 100% recycled material, meaning its production have no negative effects on the environment.


  • Increased stability of the pallet
  • Economical and ecological savings
  • Security of employees

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Grip sheet is a low cost product that can replace cardboard seperator sheets with the additional advantages of grip.

Its use is tested in any weight or packaging such as film, carboard boxes, plastic etc.

Grip sheet is effective whatever the weight, type of load or nature of the packaging (film, paper, plastic, cardboard). It will protect your packages without soiling or tearing.

Certain qualities of GRIP SHEET are waterproof and therefore protect your products from humidity rising out of the pallet.

What is grip sheet?

Grip sheet is a slip sheet with exclusive anti-slip coating. Used between layers of goods, is the perfect solution to stabilize your bags, cartons or any kind of packages.

What about cushioning?

While keeping boxes and crates from slipping off the pallets, grip sheets offer extra cushioning. The height of the pallet layers plays an important role in the products’ safety. With numerous boxes stacked on top of each other, a grip sheet becomes a protective layer, which reduces the pressure on products layered below.

How do grip sheet work?

Grip sheets will reduce slippage and damage when subjected to tilting up to 45 degrees. The innovative anti slip coating is fully activated during the in line drying process where heat is applied to the coated paper during manufacturing process.

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