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Flowpack Machines


Flowpack Machines


We offer a complete range of Horizontal flow pack machines, suitable for any type of flexible packaging, including both food and non-food applications. The flow pack machines operate with flexible film reels in various wrapping materials (polyethylene, polypropylene etc). The wrapping machine operates on a continuous cycle, taking the plastic film from a reel and sealing it all around the product. This kind of packaging machinery is suitable for every kind of industry and for small, medium and high productions.


Our flow pack machines can be tailored to match each customer’s specific needs, delivering maximum production flexibility and efficiency at any performance level.

  • It ensures high tightness of the bag which allows the isolation of the pack contents from the external environment
  • It enhances the outward appearance, maximizing the quality and aesthetics of the product
  • Most commonly, flow pack machines are used for confectionary products, cosmetics and drugs

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Cross sealing or box motion systems

    Modified atmosphere options available

Robust, ergonomic, versatile and easy to use machines.

In addition to stand-alone machines, we offer complete custom-made lines with collaboration with the customer

Why use a flow-pack machine?

Horizontal flow pack machines are designed with speed and efficiency in mind. They have a range of packing speeds, from 20 pieces per minute up to 800, depending on the model, industry and type of product.

What kind of products are suitable for flow-pack machines?

Horizontal Flow pack machines are widely used in the food, bakery and confectionery industries. However they also have applications in the non-food sector, particularly for household products, paper products, stationary and tableware.

What kind of material do flow-pack machines use?

Horizontal Flow pack machines generally operate with Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene films (BOPP). These films offer high strength and clarity and are well suited to coating, printing and laminating applications.

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