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Edge Protector


Edge Protector


The edge protector is a packaging material made of multiple sheets of recycled paper that are  internally glued together and covered with an outer paper that can be recycled or with a primary kraft. The edge protector is suitable for both the industrial and agricultural sectors and is mainly used for the safe transport of goods. It offers stability, protection and homogeneity on the pallet whether it is tied with a stretch film or just with hoops.


We offer a wide variety of paper corner sizes ranging from 30 to 100 mm, symmetrical or asymmetrical, with thicknesses of 2.5 to 10 mm, and a height from 50 up to 6000 mm. We also offer printed linear logos on the paper corners that are available in 4 different colours.


  • Load stability and containment
  • Product is protected to avoid the possibility of damage during transportation
  • Printed options available

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Use to stabilize loads and improve stacking strength when shipping.

Stabilizes strapped or stretch-wrapped loads.

Standard and custom sizes available.

100% recyclable.

Why use edge protectors?

Edge protectors is the most ideal way to protect your products during storage or shipment. They protect palletized freight from dents, strapping, stretch film, and other shipping and handling damage.

Where are edge protectors most commonly used?

Edge protectors have a wide range of applications. Most commonly is used in metal industry, window coverings, paper industry, construction industry, appliance and furniture industry, food industry and other.

Are edge protectors recyclable?

Edge protectors are a low-cost, environmentally responsible alternative for protecting edges against damage. Our edge protectors are 100% recyclable.

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