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Clipping Machines



Clipping Machines


Megapack offers a variety of clipping machines and bag closing systems that apply a plastic or aluminium clip.


Our clipping  machines can operate independently (manual feeding) or be integrated in a production line (automatic feeding). Some special models can also be installed on packaging systems. Megapack offers a range of standard solutions and specifications, however each machine can be tailored according to the customer needs. Our systems are used in a number of sectors, ranging from bakery and confectionery to Industrial and craft diaries, technical equipment, floriculture and the most diverse technical items.


  • Advanced technologies for quality, reliable and long-lasting products.
  • Safe and aesthetic finish of unit packing.
  • Can be integrated on a printer coding device.

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Clipping machines operate at high speed, built with the latest generation technology.

  Working cycle is entirely controlled by PLC and      brushless motors.

Working direction from left hand to right hand or vice-versa. Easy to use interface through an LCD colour Touch screen.

Product retaining and aligning device by means of fixed brushes. Feeding speed and paramaters controlled by motor reducer + self-braking motor.

For what applications are these machines suitable?

The clipping machines were originally developed for the meat processing industry and the butchery trade. However, clipping machines have long been used in other food and non-food areas for the widest range of products. Packaging with the clip is efficient, secure and sustainable.

What are the different clip types?

A growing number of clip types and sized are on offer for the various casing types and products. A basic distinction is made between pre-formed reel clips and U-shaped single clips. Clips on reels are the indispensable standard in industrial manufacture.

How to buy a new clipping machine?

Get in touch with our sales-team so that we can understand your business requirements and submit a proposal. Upon approval, our team will schedule the delivery, installation and equipment training. Support and technical assistance are provided.

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