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Checkweight & Metal Detection

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Checkweight & metal detection


Our dynamic metal detection and weighing systems inspect every single product to overcome the great margins of error related to manual sampling controls. With thousands of solutions for any kind of application, our systems can maximize the efficiency, accuracy and speed of your production line. We develop customized solutions to perfectly align our systems even with the most complex and articulated lines.


  • Enhance food safety while maximising food production
  • Compact, accurate, cost-effective solution for the quality control in every industry
  • Multi-frequency and multi-spectrum versions available, for the best detectionperformances

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Combining weight and metal contamination control, it’s the ultimate end-line inspector.

    Sturdy and flexible, this long-lasting, use –              intensive systems grants low maintenance            costs.

With EasyWeigh®technology there is no need for calibration or learning procedures

Accurate and Hi-Tech Checkweighers & Metal Detectors to save money & increase efficiency.

What is a contaminant?

A contaminant is either physical or bacterial and can happen at any stage of the production process. Examples include:
– All metals from machine failures in the line
– Stones
– Bones
– Glass
– Insects
– Plastics

Why use a checkweigher system?

An accurate checkweigher will ensure less waste and enable more products to be produces from the same amount of inventory. Raw materials can be very expensive and a checkweigher system will ensure that you make the most of existing resources.

Who sets the food safety standards?

The are many agencies world wide that are responsible for food safety standards. In the EU, the European parliament makes regulations in the form of directives, many of which are mandatory and are incorporated into member countries’ national legislation. The EU parliament is advised on food safety by the European Food Safety Authority.

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