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Carton Sealers


Carton sealers


Our range of carton sealers, carton erectors and packing station machines can be customized to cover all needs.
Carton sealing machines are especially designed to seal the top and/or the bottom flaps of cardboard boxes of different dimensions with adhesive tape or hot melt glue. Semi automatic and automatic case sealers are available according to your needs.


Case erector machines are especially designed to fold cardboard boxes of different dimensions and then seal the bottom flaps with adhesive tape or hot melt glue. The machine picks up boxes from the box storage and squares and seals them at the bottom.


Packing station machines consist of a folding station, a manual filling station and a sealing station. They apply adhesive tape sealing only at the bottom. They are ideal for products that have to be inspected before packaging.


  • Achieve consistent seal day-in and day-out
  • Acquiring higher efficiency
  • Better sealing and overall outcome
  • Increased product protection, increased productivity, labor savings

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The most successful and reliable carton sealers word wide.


Easy plug&play mode with fast adjustments

Welded steel frame, with strong mechanical torsion strength

           Easy to remove taping heads : more                 comfort, optimized maintenance,                     reduction of downtimes

Which carton sealer is right for me?

Although there are a lot of different models we can distinguish these between semi-automatic and automatic. The semi-automatic machines can handle boxes of different size and style. In some models the adjustment is manual and in some models is automatic. However, an operator must insert the carton into the machine manually. Automatic machines do not require any operator involvement and can accommodate boxes of all shapes and styles without adjustments. Depending on the application, the production speed, the quality and size of your boxes, etc we can offer you with the most suitable model.

What is the main benefits of using a carton sealer machine?

There are two ways to seal your boxes, by hand or by machine. Hand sealing is labor intensive and slow. It’s messy and can require more material which could possibly still not effectively hold because the pressure was not applied right. A carton sealer machine will further increase your productivity, will lower your labor cost, will reduce your material waste and it will prevent damage and theft of material during transport.

Can I see the machine at your show room?

Absolutely. Upon request, we can demonstrate the machine and answer all your questions.

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