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Bubble wrap & Foam rolls

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Bubble wrap & Foam rolls


Bubble Wrap or air bubble packing is a transparent plastic packaging material that is mainly used to pack fragile or easily breakable items. The bubbles have regularly spaced protruding air-filled hemispheres which function as the cushioning agent for sensitive and easily breakable objects. The bubble wrappers are available in various sizes.

Foam roll is embedded with air cells that form an extra margin of safety, is not corrosive, non-abrasive and is tear and puncture resistant. It is perfect for providing protection against rough handling, pudding cartons, wrapping items or inserting between delicate objects. In addition, foam rolls are the most common form of laminate underlayment. A thin strip of foam material acts as a cushion between the subfloor and the laminate flooring, while it’s shock absorbing properties enhance the floor protection.


  • Great protection and cushioning to fragile items
  • Unique barrier bubble wrap solutions for special product sizes and needs
  • Highly flexible material

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Reduces material, labor, and shipping costs compared to other types of cushioning.

   Perfect for surface protection, interleaving,             cushioning, or void fill during shipment or               storage.

Provides up to 30% greater protection compared to non-barrier bubble material.

Retains more than 90% of its inflation, resulting in better cushioning performance.

Is it effective to wrap fragile items with bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is the best way to package fragile and heavy items to ensure they will not break or chip. Compared to other cushioning materials, bubble wrap holds it’s air longer and more consistently. It is also thicker than most cellular cushioning materials, making it stronger and more durable.

Are bubble wraps recyclable?

Not only they are recyclable, but people can also use them over and over without reducing their effectiveness. The fact that less material is used for packaging when you choose bubble wrap also emerges as an environmental benefit.

What are the benefits of foam roll packaging?

Foam rolls are one of the most widely used choices of packaging out there and they are extremely easy to use. Foam rolls are very flexible and can be used to wrap a wide variety of items no matter how awkward the shape.

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