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Banding machines



Banding machines

A banding machine uses paper, tape or plastic film to wrap a number of items together with a band.  Stand alone or table-top varieties are available to accommodate your business needs. The types of items mostly suitable for banding are those that misalign easily, such as reams of paper, envelopes, labels, etc. Commercial items benefit from banding when a business sells a number of individual items as a pack, such as pharmaceutical, plastic and food products. A modern banding machine has generic features across the manufacturing range, and uses the same operating principles.

  • Adjustable tension so each sleeve can be as strong (or weak) as you need.
  • Environmentally friendly banding material made from paper or high-quality film hold the product together without the aid of adhesives.
  • Economically and ecologically sensible packaging solution. Our machines range from movable table-top to fully automatic machines integrated into the production lines.

Immediately ready for use – no preheating of the machine

Robust – tear-resistant weld seams, long-lasting and reliable technology, low maintenance, and even welds in moist, dusty and cold environments

Our banding machines can be used anywhere – our range extends from movable to customized machines seamlessly integrated into existing production lines.

Extremely reliable banding machines that require little maintenance, and are energy-efficient. 


What is the purpose of a banding machine?

Banding machines allow the unitization and securing of products with a variety of different shapes and sizes. Banding machines can also run on paper straps for a more eco-friendly alternative to plastic strapping.

In what industries are banding machines being used?

Nowadays there is no conceivable industry in which banding machine cannot be used. The applications found their way into the food industry, pharmaceutical, fresh food, graphics and many more.

Do banding machines require big spaces?

Our banding machines can be used anywhere – our range extends from movable table-top machines to customised fully-automatic machines seamlessly integrated into existing production lines. They also function perfectly in moist, dusty and cold environments and are also suitable for use in clean rooms.

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