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Air bags


Air bags


Cargo-Pack is a revolutionary product in securing and safeguarding cargos. It is based on a simple idea: Airbags are inflated with air and are placed in the gaps between cargos, functioning as void fillers.

Cargo-Pack is the optimal solution against defects and transport damages, expensive compensation claims, and the loss of good-will in a modern world based on “just in time”. The inflatable airbags adapt to almost every type of cargo and type of transportation, they are cost-effective and  easy to handle and they optimize the unloading and loading processes.


  • Optimal solution against defects and damage of your cargo
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Environmental friendly

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The bags are equipped with a self-closing valve and they can be filled in seconds, using the air gun also provided by Megapack.

Used in all kinds of industries and able to withstand tons of pressure.

The bags protect many types of cargos such as pallets, big-bags, boxes and rolls, during transportation in sea containers, trucks, railway wagons, etc.

Can be deflated in seconds.

Can I reuse the Air-bags?

Yes, our airbags can be used several times.

What are they used for?

Air Bags are used to restrain movement of cargo loads in trucks, overseas containers, or railcars. They fill voids, brace loads, absorb vibrations, and protect cargo from in-transit damage.

What are the most common causes of freight damage?

The most common causes of freight damage are related to freight falling forward to backward, and double and triple decked skids bouncing in transit.

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