TP 6000

TP 6000


Strap type: Poliflex polypropylene strap
Strap width: from 8 mm to 15.5 mm
Strap thickness: from 0.55 mm to 0.75 mm
Speed per minute (60Hz): 27 straps
Net weight: 220 Kg
• Mechanical tension control


• Stainless steel frame SUS 304 (TP-6000S)
• Short feed sensor


• Easy to operate and maintain
• The most cost-effective for wide strap applications
• Proven quality
• Affordable general purpose solution


TP 6000 is a semi-automatic strapping machine for PP strap. It is an economical semi-automatic strapping machine for wide straps. With proven quality and competitive price, it is the most cost-effective solution for wide straps general purpose applications.

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