TP 202

TP 202


Strap type: Poliflex polypropylene strap
Strap width: from 6 mm to 15.5 mm
• Hinged stainless steel top plate
• Mechanical tension control
• Rigid casters with brake
• Energy efficient – Motor runs only when needed
• Reliable P.C. board control


• Adjustable workbench: from 760 mm to 930 mm
• Safety switch under the top table
• Adjustable cooling time: from 0 sec. to 2 sec.
• Stainless steel frame SUS 304 (TP-201CES)


• Best-selling strapping machine
• Easy operation
• Simple maintenance
• Low price
• Energy efficient


TP 202 is an affordable, portable and compact semi-automatic strapping machine for PP strap. It is designed for general purposes and can meet your various applications. With thousands machines exported in the world every year, the quality of TP 202 is highly proven.

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