Electrical Connection: 230 V single-phase, 50 Hz – 10 A delayed fuse

Protection Degree: IP 34

Noise Level: 67 dPA

Weight: (Appliance Body)8.8 kg

Weight: (Vegetable Preparation Insert)1 kg

Weight: (Cutter Insert)1.4 kg

Weight: (Cutting Discs)0.5 kg

Motor Speed of Vegetable Preparation Machine: 500 and 800 rpm

Motor Speed of Cutter: 1,450 and 2,650 rpm

Category: SKU: S36


The CC-34 combi cutter is ideal as a vegetable preparation machine for slicing, dicing, grating and cutting into strips not only fruit and vegetables but also bread, cheese, walnuts, mushrooms, etc., and as a cutter for chopping, mincing, mixing, and homogenising, for the preparation of sauces, meat, vegetables, fruit, mayonnaise, pesto, purees, chocolate, mousses, dressings, etc. The CC-34 is a professional appliance, the perfect compromise between a vegetable preparation appliance and a vertical cutter. Small and compact, it requires very little space and is easy to use and stow. It is ideal for restaurants, pizzerias, salad bars, fast food outlets and kitchens in general preparing up to 80 meals a day.

Machine made according to CE rules.

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