Bag Max Width: 120 mm

Bag Min/Max Length: 50/250 mm

Bag Max Height: 80 mm

Reel Core Ø: 65-70 mm

Reel Ø: 350 mm

Nr. of Motors: 1

Nr. of Sealing Rollers Pairs: 2

Electric Supply: 220 V

Installed Power: 3 kW

Weight: 300 kg

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Motor group

• Machine equipped with self-cooling AC motor with inverter
• Bag length adjustment with touch screen
• Adjustment of tear off by means of an external hand wheel (Clayton type)

Product feeding

• In feed conveyor (mm. 1200 long) with contact part AISI 304 stainless steel and emergency stop push button
• Stainless steel side guides adjustable in width for keeping product in track
• Transport lugs with relevant blocks fixed onto in feed chain made of food grade moulded plastic with quick blocking/unblocking system.
• Cover under the feeding conveyor for inspection and cleaning of possible crumbs and dirty
• In feed chain and crimp setting by handle
• Fixed or adjustable folding box

Film reel group

• Cantilevered aluminum reel holder with quick locking cones of 380 mm and micro-metric alignment of film and folding box
• Reel blocking by expansion mandrel
• Friction belt reel break with tracer point

Long seals group

• Two pairs of longitudinal sealing rollers, the first cold for the pulling and the second warm for the sealing
• Static edge folding plate

Crimps group

• Transversal crimps width mm. 150
• Inclined cutting knives (mm. 240 x 25 x 4)

Electrical features

• Two electronic high precision thermo regulators P.I.D. ( OMRON )
• Speed adjustment potentiometer
• High quality relays, switches and remote controlled switches

Machine equipped with spare parts kit

USABLE FILMS: Laminated, Coextruded, Polypropilene, Peforated films, Heat-sealable films

Machine manufactured according E.C. safety rules

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