Whether you are a food processing facility, a grocery store with specialty foods, a personal chef, or a restaurant, our tray sealing packaging machines for sealing CPET, APET or PP food trays will certainly make your job much easier. The highly technological investment and attention to each phase of the production, make our tray sealer machines reliable and efficient, all while giving you the professional look that you’ve always wanted.
The experience we gained over the years in the food packaging sector has allowed us to develop the know-how and maintain high-quality standards while paying particular attention to our customers’ needs. Whether you are looking for MAP packaging (process specifically designed to improve the storage of products and extend their shelf-life), SKIN packaging, semi-automatic or automatic thermosealing machines, we are ready to support you.
• Extended product shelf-life using MAP techniques within the tray sealing process
• Improved product presentation
• Greater product protection

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