Thermoforming is a process of heating a thermoplastic sheet to its softening point. The sheet is stretched across a single-sided mold. It can then be manipulated and cool into the desired shape. Thermoforming has innumerable applications and can be used by several different industries such as the meat industry, delicatessen as well as different types of cheese – the most common application being the Halloumi cheese.
Having worked with the biggest cheese and meat suppliers on the island, Megapack ltd has the expertise to design fully tailored made Thermoforming machines to meet every demand. Our field based staff can provide in-depth training to the operators.
Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. We have the network to ensure prompt response to our customers’ queries and to promptly attend each demand. We proud ourselves for providing fast technical support.
• Our knowledge and experience in this specialized area, allows us to design tailored-made machines that are suitable to your needs, in a cost effective and efficient manner.
• High production output and packaging quality
• Secured product quality while minimizing operating costs and use of resources.

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